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It has been said that the relationship between a consumer and a manufacturer can be a very fragile thing. A customer's loyalty and trust is something a company must earn. Here at Loeffer's Gourmet we cherish this loyalty and trust, and work feverishly to keep it by offering the highest quality deli products available anywhere, and we do it at a reasonable price.

The quality and flavor of Loeffler's Deli Products have been a favorite in the greater Trenton area for more then 50 years. Loeffler's has been a processor for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, the Massachusetts Dept. of Agriculture and for more then a decade now, the New Jersey Dept. of Agriculture, Commodity Foods Program. Loeffler's has met with great success in this program and serves over 300 schools, institutions and other agencies in New Jersey.

Loeffler's products are available in over 150 Super Markets, chain stores and local neighborhood establishment throughout the greater Trenton area.

The highest standard of quality is maintained in our modern facility under the supervision of the United States Dept. of Agriculture, Loeffler's takes great pride and personal attention in it's product quality and customer service. Loeffler's Gourmet uses no cereals, fillers, soy or liquid smoke flavor in any of our products. The products that do require smoking are smoked by burning only natural woods.

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